Sales are on hold

The demand for these shirts has been overwhelming. There was a notice on the bottom of the site that said shirts were being sold on a pre-order basis and that you should expect two weeks for delivery. In order to catch up on shipping shirts so that we can keep that promise we are pausing sales for a little bit and getting caught up.

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your support for the Family Reach Foundation!

Thank you for your interest in my shirt design and corresponding fundraiser. After printing & shipping costs are met, every penny from the sales of these shirts will be going to my fundraiser for Family Reach.

Since 1996, Family Reach has been helping families with a child or parent afflicted with cancer deal with the overwhelming financial and emotional burdens of the disease. As families try to cope with years of cancer treatment, out-of-pocket medical expenses and everyday living costs, they often reach critical breaking points. Not only do they risk losing their homes, stability, and hope, but also their ability to ensure their loved ones receive the vital care they need to survive. Through an effective process developed through years of close collaboration with hospital social workers, Family Reach provides urgent assistance to families in a timely, compassionate fashion.

This August I will be running down the state of Indiana, approximately 50 miles each day, for 7 days straight, self-supported, in order to complete this fundraiser. I’m going to raise $50,000 for Family reach, of which you can find all the details at the following websites

  • Please consider sharing these fundraiser and shirt sales pages to your friends and family. Thank you again for purchasing a shirt and helping fund the programs of Family Reach.